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Yoga for Backcare: Hips & Lower Back

  • Adeline Yoga Studio 3320 Adeline Street Berkeley, CA, 94703 United States (map)

Lower back pain is interactive with the strength and mobility of the hips. Sitting for long periods of time at a desk or in a car leads to tight, weak hips and lower back problems. Even the activities that we do such as walking, running and biking, contribute to hip tightness without the balancing effect of mobility and openness in the hips.

In this workshop, Cynthia will help you explore the interaction between your hips and lower back in an effort to manage pain and improve well-being and performance. This course will give you exercises you can do to manage pain as well as practices for preventing future pain.

This course is good for those new to yoga, or wanting to get back into yoga. It is also appropriate for people with muscle strain, disc herniation, scoliosis.