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Spring Nutritional Cleanse: Guided, Gentle, Detoxification Program

Cleanse Overview: 

Day 1-3: Eliminate energy drainers

  • Processed foods, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, overconsumption of caffeine and alcohol
  • Non-essential commitments and activities
  • Overconsumption of electronic media

Day 4-7: Remove obstacles to your health and well-being

  • Remove all potential allergenic, inflammatory foods from your diet
  • Eat a nourishing and satisfying vegetarian mono-diet
  • Amplify the detoxification with liver cleansing herbs and daily detox self-care rituals
  • Turn off after 7pm every night allowing your body, mind and spirit a needed respite

Day 7 or 8: Revitalize your creative energy

  • Enjoy a liquid fast of vegetable juice and or broth to allow your organs a full rest

  • Treat yourself to a full 24 hours of self-care and silence

Program Includes:

  • Launch Communications with Cynthia to review the program
  • Detailed Cleanse Manual with instructions for constructing a cleanse that works for your personal needs including meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, herbal supplements & self-care recommendations
  • Private virtual group to connect with fellow cleansers
  • Individual email access to Cynthia throughout the cleanse for questions and issues

Investment: $108 includes all of the above

Payment by Cash/Check or